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Welcome to Always More TV! Thank you for connecting with us.  The exciting thing about a relationship with God is that no matter how much we know or think we know about Him and His word, there is ALWAYS MORE! 

A Life led by Him!


No question about it! The most exciting life is the Holy Spirit led life!  On the Always More TV Program, you will learn about God's plan for you to live each day through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Join our Bible study as we dive into the Word of God and learn how the Holy Spirit is your Companion, your Comforter, your Counselor, and your power for life! 

Let’s take a fresh look! There’s always more!


Rebecca Davis Keener is your friend and host of Always More TV.  We invite you to tune in as she shares valuable and relevant insights from the Word of God and practical applications from her years following the call of God as a wife, mother and minister. Grab your Bible, a cup of coffee or tea and join us as we study God's word together.